Rivers Bridge Camp No. 842
Sons of Confederate Veterans
"It is our duty to keep the memory of our heroes green..."   Jefferson Davis
Rivers Bridge Camp No. 842 members photographed at the
2004 Rivers Bridge Memorial. A number of these
compatriots have crossed over the river in the
intervening fifteen years.
What would a Rivers Bridge Memorial be without Coleman's thirst quenching lemonade and a plate of mighty fine Bar- B -Que?
Let them not be forgotten.
Don't forget your Poppy.
This is their
heritage too. It is
your duty to
present the
history of the
South to future
2019 Annual Banquet - see below
The traditional rifle salute is rendered
2019Annual Camp Banquet
I bring
flowers in
It's all about them.
We enjoyed the "Picken Pearls" so much that we invited them back for
our 2019 Annual Banquet. They dined with us and performed music that
covered the 1861-65 period right up to the Eagles' "Seven Bridges
Of course it would not be an Annual Banquet without our Southern
National Anthem, Dixie.  The Pearls lead us in a rendition and then
before closing we sang our own rendition to the accompaniment of a
few "Rebel Yells."
These Ladies have played a number of times at the Statehouse for
Confederate Memorial Day observances so keep them in mind if you
would like to liven up your next event. If you are very fortunate, they
might be available. No doubt about it, you'll love their music.
First Lieutenant Commander Joseph "Buzz" Braxton II was selected by
his fellow compatriots for the second year in a row as our Compatriot of
the Year.  He has been in the forefront of the defense of our Edisto
Crossing Flag in Orangeburg and many other things that clearly made
him most deserving of this recognition.
The winner of our 9MM Glock 43 was Mr. Rich McClure who made his
purchase at the Broxton Bridge Reenactment; congratulations Rich!
We are noted for feeding our guests well and this was no exception.  
Everyone was encouraged to get a "to go" plate or two. Any who left
hungry could only blame themselves.
We would have liked to see more of our friends and Compatriots, but
we thoroughly enjoyed the company we had.
Thanks for coming
Commander Boineau
There's a gracious plenty! Get you a take home plate.
The 143nd Rivers Bridge Confederate Memorial Day Observance - The Good Lord smiled upon us once again and blessed us with cooling breezes and
moderate temperatures at Rivers Bridge Confederate Memorial Grounds on May 10th.  Rain or shine, Confederate Memorial Days are always exceptional in their own
special way.  Dr. Jim Dreyfus' songs drifted on the gentle breezes and perfectly complimented that special atmosphere that is Confederate Memorial Day at Rivers
Bridge. Following the Invocation and a salute to the flags, everyone joined in singing that very special song, Dixie. Why this anthem so stirs the hearts of Southerners is
mysterious and difficult, if not impossible, to explain; we might have to let it go at, “It's a Southern thing; if I have to explain it you probably wouldn't understand.”  H.
Jerry Morris, President of the Rivers Bridge Confederate Memorial Association, welcomed everyone to the 143nd annual event and his remarks were followed by a
musical interlude during which an offering was accepted to help defray expenses. Reverend G. Dan Boineau and Mister Hugh T. "Hugh Boy" Lightsey were
remembered by resolution; they will be sorely missed. A special performance of "The Battle of Antietam," by Dr. Jim Dreyfus preceeded the introduction of our guest
speaker. Former Lieutenant Governer Glenn McConnell delivered the message of the day regarding the circumstances leading to the South's secession and
subsequent actions.   
The solemn decoration of the graves by ladies of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Hampton American Legion and Auxiliary, and the Bamberg American
Legion Auxiliary was inspiring as it always is. An invaluable element of  this  portion of the program is our Honor Guard; this year it consisted of personnel from
Barnwell High School Army JROTC and 10th SC Volunteers of the Palmetto Battalion.  As the sound of the rifle and cannon salutes faded, there followed a brief hush
and then the words of taps, sung by Edward Floyd,  broke the silence and made a most fitting conclusion to the service. We continued to enjoy one another's company
with a plate of delicious B&D Bar B-Q along with more  refreshing homemade lemonade provided by Coleman and Gertrude Loadholt. As always, we would have been
pleased to have had more folks in attendance, but we had a good gathering and we all had a very enjoyable time fellowshipping with one another. If you were there, God
bless you; you withstood the forces of political correctness which have done their best to intimidate folks into avoiding or even denigrating their Southern
(Confederate) Heritage.  Thank you for standing up for your Confederate Ancestors; you have no need to be ashamed of them.  Let us be equally sure that there would
be no reason for them to be ashamed of us.
Compatriots who have "crossed
over the river" since Camp No.
842's Re-chartering in 1995.

Edgar Boyles – Real Son
James Boyles – Real Son
Williams Boyles – Real Son
Murice Cave – Real Son
Owen W. Barker, Sr. – Real Son

Stanley Ward
G. Horace Cone
Francis Stanley
Clark Ryder
James J. Jowers
Robert E. Connelly, Sr.
Alfred Ken Formby
R. Loyd Sandifer
Stanley O. “Gus” Eubanks
Stephan A. Lewis
Jerome Wilson
Sammy Lee
Jack Horger
Burney Chappell
Sandy A. Jennings
G.D. "Jerry" Varn, Jr.
Mannie G. "Mickey" Smith III
David Keller
James Dunbar “Bars” Ray
H. Gregory Hiers
William P. Edenfield
Gene Stanley
Harold DuPree Crim
Robert F. “Bob” Loadholt, Sr.
George Harold “Rip” Kearse
J.V. “Joe” Braxton
Dr. Eugene Gehry, Jr.
Kenny Cone
Barry Sheetz
Derriel Champagne
Glenn Cope
Robert E. Connelly, Jr.
John Miles Loadholt
Jasper Brabham Varn, Jr.
Claude Ashton Manuel
Francis Marion Dwight III
John Mack Barnes
Douglas Mitchell Gore, Jr.
James Herman Smith
Deo Vindice
Artillery piece stirs interest.
Former Lieutenant Governor Glenn McConnell
treated us to a very informative speech. Our history
consists of the good, bad and ugly; let us remember
it all in its true context.
The compatriots of Rivers Bridge Camp
No. 842, SCV would like to congratulate  
Cadet Sergeant Savannah Joyner of the
Allendale-Fairfax Battalion Army JROTC
as the recipient of the H.L. Hunley JROTC
Award. The award was bestowed on
behalf of Rivers Bridge Camp No. 842
and the South Carolina Division, SCV by
Chaplain Charles L. Carlson.  Cadet
Sergeant Joyner, we salute you.
The prestegious recognition was made
during the Allendale-Fairfax Awards
Banquet on Wednesday evening, May 8,
2019. The cadet is recognized based
upon input and recommendation of their
JROTC leadership.
Because of the naval theme of the award, the program was initially developed for Navy and Marine Corps JROTC Units in the state of South Carolina only. After many
inquiries from the Army and Air Force the Program was expanded to not just Army and Air Force Units in South Carolina, but throughout the country. The award should
go to a rising second year cadet who has demonstrated the qualities of Honor, Courage and in particular Commitment to his/her unit throughout the school year.
Dr. Jim Dreyfus gives background for the song, "the Battle
of Antietam."
Misty Harley
Deb Watkins
Anna Speare
Cindy Lampley